The last week I’m going on my DevOps job. As our team goes, on the commit history I’m discovering we don’t code much. Most of our time is spent monitoring, debugging, operating and communicating. Even if I’ve proposed a measure, I have to devote time to discuss and estimate it.

Moreover, almost every day our cluster has alarms, and some of the services get down, making our teammates be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I would say quite a little time has been wasted on such things.

As for me, despite people saying that I’ll learn more and get experienced if I start work instead of pursuing my master’s degree, I would say graduate school is a better option for me. Because I love coding with quality and challenge. And the main thing is to learn more and more in my spare time. Suppose I start work, in China, my spare time with energy will close to zero, that’s a nightmare for me.

However, it must be conceded that in production we’re exposed to a real data environment, which brings us truly practical experience and situations to learn and handle. For instance, we can never really master big data technology until we accessing to real data.